Video: A glimpse into the KSA Leopard Initiative

A good friend of mine, Clément Brunet, made this video of the Saudi Arabian Leopard Initiative project that I have been working on for the past 8 months. It gives you a sneak peek into the beautiful landscape and culture of a country that you probably know nothing about.

Check out for more on this crazy adventure.

Though the last bit is in french, MAKE SURE THE CC’s are on!

Captions below for last 2 minutes:

“After a year of deploying hundreds of cameras, the Panthera field team has yet to identify or capture any Arabian leopard. They have focused their attention to the South of Saudi Arabia on the Yemenese frontier in the hope of finding the Arabian leopard.

The last official documentation of the Arabian leopard in Saudi Arabia was in 2014. However, a small population of leopards is found in Oman and a handful in Yemen. This makes the Arabian Leopard critically endangered and close to extinction. The project aims to aid in the reintroduction and proliferation of the Arabian leopard in Saudi Arabia.”

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