KAYU Adventures | Travel + Experiences

Taking a break from my expeditions and getting my degree was something that I needed to do – for me. I took subjects that I enjoyed. However, 4 years down the line, I felt far too much like a desk jockey. Having worked my way through university to pay off my tuition definitely made me appreciate being in the mountains a lot more. The question of work has always been a difficult one for me. I’m a dreamer and the 9-5 lifestyle still terrifies me, so how do I stay active in the great outdoors while sharing my passion for the natural world and making earning my living?

Guiding seemed to be the logical next step! I started doing the odd jobs when I was just out of high school but once I graduated I began making the first moves into getting all of the necessary qualifications. I definitely found a groove and loved meeting new and extraordinary people and the prospect of starting my own company started to make more sense. I have launched KAYU Adventures. The name stems from the French word for “pebble”, “caillou”, which in English is pronounced KA-YU. I chose it because of my passion for French and its use throughout Africa. Also pebbles are metaphorical symbolisms in the sense of guidance and balance – think of that cairn that you were so happy and relieved to come across on some trail or mountain where the reality of being lost became more and more possible!

KAYU Adventures is just getting started but as things open up we’ve already had our first bookings so our fingers are crossed!

KAYU is a travel and adventure agency that focuses on trekking and wildlife safaris. Where we are different is that KAYU aims to combine the two and then merges other exciting activities such as cultural experiences, rafting, rock-climbing and other unique and rewarding experiences into one incredible experience. In other words, on our safaris you’ll be experiencing a herd of elephants from a hill instead of a packed car!

We want to share South Africa’s beauty while giving you a holistic and genuine experience. Nothing is staged or exaggerated, simply original and spectacular!


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