Throughout the many mundane tasks that make up our lives there are relatively few number of experiences that define us and make us. Yesterday, Celestial Journey was that event.
I got a job at the old Mountain Mail Order when I was 14. I was just getting into the hiking/climbing scene and I looked up at David Davies as a demigod of sorts. Plump and inexperienced I read about this mythical line that Dave put up when he was 18 years old. A couple of nuts and hexes hung from his harness and he ventured, with Robin Barley, into the unknown. I never thought that I would be able to climb it, I have definitely done harder and more intense climbs prior but the history and reputation gave me goosebumps and stopped me from trying it.
I’ve known Roger (@nattrassroger ) all my life but funnily enough, we’d never climbed together and I’m so happy that this route was the first. Roger first did it in’86 when he was around about my age and his excitement made, even the approach, something special. I was handed pitch 1,3,5 and as the rain began I, like so many before me, ventured into the Pea Pod Groove. I tried several techniques and then committed and grunting, I pulled hard through the awkward crux. From there we made it to the Grey Slab and waited for an hour due to the rain making the already thin pitch unclimbed. Patience and rope work are the cornerstone of most trad climbs so the banter kept the nerves at bay and as it dried I worked my way up. Definitely my favorite pitch!After that we cruised, spoke smack and made our way to the top.

It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve experienced. Helmets and cowboy hats off to Dave and Robin and…of course Wolfberg .

“Forever on your Celestial Journey “ .

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