The mountains are calling and I, for now, must study French Subjunctive…

There are many things that I want to achieve in my life. I have my rather long- slightly-deranged- pipe-dream goals which include an 8000m peak without oxygen. Then I have my more realistic goals (this doesn’t mean that I’m not very much bent on doing the whacky pipe dreams) …. these realistic ones are broken down into short, medium and long-term bites.

The My Kape trips taught me what I wanted to do and HOW I wanted to do them. Failure, in retrospect, has been a great guide and that’s why I started studying and tuning my skills… WHY? I didn’t know anything and nothing about nothing. The more I got deeper into my “adventure career” the more I tried (and failed) to convince myself that I could do it all my way and self-motivation and confidence would get me there. However, where is “where” and how will I be able to get there if I can’t bring something sufficiently tangible to the proverbial table.

So, I’m a conversational student and I have a timetable and many and essays and tests to be written. I’m a learning human and I can’t say that I’m absolutely enthralled by this life because I really don’t feel like I fit any particular mold nor do I connect with my “straight-out-of-high-school, let’s-get-loose” peers, but I know and trust that I’m doing the right thing for the moment.

The mountains are calling and I, for now, must study French subjunctive grammar… and a lot of hangboarding.

By the way, I’ll be off to Spain and France at the end of the year so what this space.


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