Krakadouw, feeling small in a big place

There was something incredible about topping out on the summit of Krakadouw just as the sun began to set and we found ourselves immersed in a maze of gargoyles and wind beaten sandstone formations. It had taken us 8 vertical hours, going through some of the most aesthetically stunning pitches on one of the biggest walls I’ve climbed to get to this point. King Kong is definitely a fitting name for this line.


This was an airy and exciting pitch high up on Krakadouw. I haven’t been a tradding tradder for a while and the fact that I couldn’t just clip a bolt made me less efficient and slower than I would have liked but the adventure on this route was pure and real…also, Andy was a total champ and workhorse and definitely the best person to take on something like this. I think I’m hooked once again on mammoth missions. I’m coming back feeling much stronger and more in control of my thoughts and fears, it’s going to be rad!


We had technically done the hard part at this point. The sun was setting but we were still only half way and fired up our headlamps and went bushwhacking to get back to camp. The little town of Clanwilliam lies in the distance and if you look really hard you can see the ocean. The Cederberg is a glorious place to explore.


Andy pizza sliced and committed on the sharp end. Even though it’s a pretty intense, insecure and gripping pitch, Andy was cracking jokes and in an alpha mindset when he needed to be.


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