Cape Town’s King Line

Being back in home has inspired me to put to rest a number of projects that I’ve been wanting to do for many moons. While this may seem like a click-bait-y type of heading, I really do think that Gift of Gold is up there with some of the best climbs I’ve done.

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The Rocks & The Red Sea of Saudi

Working and exploring throughout Saudi Arabia has exposed my ignorance like no other place before. It has mountains! Coral reefs?! Tropical beaches!!! Extinct volcanos??? Wait, What! A simple Google search would have opened my eyes to a land blessed with natural gems, sadly I was still caught up in thinking that the “natural gems” were […]

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Throughout the many mundane tasks that make up our lives there are relatively few number of experiences that define us and make us. Yesterday, Celestial Journey was that event. I got a job at the old Mountain Mail Order when I was 14. I was just getting into the hiking/climbing scene and I looked up […]

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We’re Really that SICK?!

It’s funny how much of an echo-chamber my news feeds have become. Most of my life I’ve made the conscious decision to integrate myself into one of the smaller sporting communities as climbing and mountaineering are, inadvertently I’ve surrounded myself with some incredibly driven and talented athletes. In this obscure niche community of mountain jockeys, […]

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Taking on uncertainty

Travelling solo is just amazing in so many ways. Being on the road where you get to decide what you’re doing, where you’ll be going and what you want to get done is incredibly freeing. Just living out your backpack, spending little and embracing the simplicity of it all. There are no discussions, arguments or […]

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Welcome to the Alps- Part 1

The Écrins mountains lie in the southern alps. Compared to the northern alps where Mont Blanc and many of the other more famous glaciers, ski resorts and mountains stand the steep and sharp peaks of the Écrins tower proudly above the deep valleys below. It definitely holds its own. The ice festival has been going […]

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Vlog 2: ¡Bienvenido a Barcelona!

Vlog 2- ¡bienvenido a Barcelona! Our Spanish may be a little rusty but it the games begin 🇪🇸🧗‍♂️🧗‍♀️🥐🥟 @hitec_sa | #inspiredbylife . . . . #barcelona #sightseeing #salsa #city #spain #euro #europe #travel #tapas #followme Una publicación compartida de Kai Fitchen (@klimb_ka    

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VLOG 1: Let’s get going!

Vlog 1: let’s get packing! It’s about to happen, which is just crazy 😜 Follow this Euro Klimbing extravaganza on my blog (linked on my profile). There’ll be plenty of information as to how to travel on a budget, the best places to climb and ways to make your European adventure a honest cultural experience […]

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Climbing: my vertical journey

Disclaimer: the following blog will have an unnecessary amount of climbing jargon 😉 For the past year and a half, I’ve devoted myself wholeheartedly to sport climbing. I was always pretty clunky when it came to technical rock climbing. As a good friend once told me, after my first climbing trip to Montagu ( I’d […]

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